The many sides of the Elkridge Furnace Inn

Wine Tasting Friday, October 25th German & Alsatian Wines $31 plus tax and service

Gourmand Dinners - the next a tribute to French Chef Michel Beaupin on Thursday, November 21st.

Murder Mystery Dinner on Friday, November 1st starting at 7 p.m. patrons enjoy a seated dinner, listen to the story of the victim and the suspects, then hunt, scavenger hunt style, through the manor home. Dessert and coffee are served as the murderer is revealed and clues made clear. Prizes are awarded to the best costume/character and for the group who solves the mystery first. Cost per person is $59.50 includes service and tax.

Along with the multiple gardens, there are fruit trees and a smokehouse where charcuterie is created by chefs deft hands. The building itself has been resurrected into formal dining rooms and a small tavern area, each with its own personality and charm. The linen tablecloths, subdued lighting and service staff who know when and where to be seen create an evening of intimacy quite romantic.

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In the past, I have had lunch at the Elkridge Furnace Inn, part of a womens organization get together. Last week we dined as guests of Chef Wecker. We were given an extensive tour of the grounds and the gardens. Chef Wecker is definitely a man with passion, vision and great follow through. A book could be written about him alone. Dinner was spot on; I chose the red pepper and crab soup and the scallop entre with pickled peaches and basil risotto. My husband, a bit of a traditionalist, enjoyed the French onion soup and the crab cake entree. We split a Caesar salad which was expertly divided on to our individual plates. The salad consisted of full romaine leaves, organically house grown yellow tomatoes, anchovies and a quail egg - it was dressed to my taste.

The Elkridge Furnace Inn is not only known as a restaurant it is known for weddings and wedding receptions. An outdoor wedding arbor and gardens are brides visual dreams reflecting the seasons for a picturesque setting for their ceremonies. Special occasion parties and wedding receptions are hosted under the spacious, all-season tent which overlooks the gardens. Weather permitting; panels of the tent open out on to the well manicured lawns.

The Elkridge Furnace Inn is offering a limited time coupon available through Living Social applicable to lunch or dinner. Take advantage of this to do your own tour at The Elkridge Furnace Inn. Be sure to check out our slideshow from our evening.

Afternoon Teas seating between 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.: Thursday September 26th, Weds, October 9th and Thursday, October 24th - $28.50 inclusive of service and tax

Adult Interactive Cooking Classes: Tuesday evenings 7 to 10 p.m.; October 22nd, November 5th, November 19th, January 7th, January 21st, February 4th and Feb 18th. Class includes materials and tax.

Elkridge Furnace Inn 5745 Furnace Avenue Elkridge, MD 21075 (410) 379-9336

Elkridge Furnace Inn event calendar:

This Howard County historic gem bordering the Patapsco State Park and overlooking Deep Run stream is visually stunning. Circa 1744 the Elkridge Furnace Inn was resurrected by Chef Daniel Wecker when it was a shell of itself back in the 1980s. Since that time the Elkridge Furnace Inn has grown under the keen eye of Chef Wecker. The restaurant is steeped in French culinary technique utilizing organically grown produce from their multiple gardens on their 10 acres.

The many sides of the Elkridge Furnace Inn. Wedding arbor overlook.

The many sides of the Elkridge Furnace Inn. Wedding arbor overlook. - follow them on Facebook

photographs by Dara Bunjon and F. Thomas Bunjon

Entrance path to Elkridge Furnace Inn

photographs by Dara Bunjon and F. Thomas Bunjon


Acquisition Metrological Services, Technical Expertise and Repair Ultrasonic Heat Meters Endowment Radet Bucharest.,+Technical+Expertise+and+Repair...-a0382448840

Tenders are invited for Acquisition Metrological Services, Technical Expertise and Repair Ultrasonic Heat Meters Endowment Radet Bucharest

Estimated value excluding VAT: 10,152,466 RON

Tender documents : T23872998.html

Procurement - Check Metrological Ultrasonic Heat Meters with Nominal Diameters From Dn 15 to 150 Mm and Permanent Flow Between Qp 0.6 to 150 Cm H. - Technical Expertise and Metrological Ultrasonic Heat Meter with Nominal Diameters From Dn 15 to 150 Mm and Permanent Flow Qp Ranging From 0.6 to 150 Cm H, That are Subject to Complaint -Repararea Ultrasonic Heat Meter with Nominal Diameters From Dn 15 to 150 Mm and Permanent Flow Qp Ranging From 0.6 to 150 Cm H, Defects and Those Rejected From the Process of Verification Seal. .

Language or languages in which may be tender or to participate: Romanian Currency in which the forward price: EUR

Division into lots: No

Deposits and guarantees required: The amount of the participation guarantee is Au 100,000.00 or 22,495.00 euros and was established in accordance with Art. 85 of GD. 925/2006, according to which the amount can not exceed 2% of the estimated value of the framework agreement (maximum Au 10,152,466.00 x 2% = 203.0499,00 lei). Bid bond may be issued on behalf of the bidder and the currency in the amount of .... Euro / currency, the exchange rate of the date of publication of notice in the ESPP. Per. valid. will be at least equal to the minimum period of validity of the offer, 90 days from the date stated for receipt of tender. The submission of offers in combination bid bond must be established on behalf of the association and jointly state that covers all members of the group of economic operators. Bid bond issued in another language than Romanian will be presented in original and will be accompanied by authorized and certified translation into Romanian. Guarantee participation is by bank transfer or by a guarantee instrument issued under the law of a banking company or an insurance company, which shows the original, in the amount and for the period provided or by money order or check tab , subject to their confirmation by the Bank until the date and time of opening ofertelor.In guarantee instr

Conditions for opening tenders: Date: 29.10.2014 10:00

2014 Al Bawaba ( Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. ( ).

If applicable, estimated value excluding VAT (give figures only): 10,152,466.00 USD.

Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 29.10.2014 09:30

The estimated value of the largest subsequent contract to be awarded without VAT: Au 1,000,000.00.

Total quantity or scope: Activities covered by the contract are stated in the Tender Specifications. Estimates of the minimum and maximum amounts that may be required during the entire framework agreement and that that could be the subject of one of the subsequent contract to be awarded for the duration of the framework agreement are outlined in Annex no. 1 attached specifications.


Team Inc. Completes Purchase of Cooperheat-MQS Assets; Updates FY2005 and FY2006 Outlook and Announces Conference Call

Team intends to integrate the Cooperheat-MQS assets and associated business activity into Team and then to continue the company's long-standing focus on significant organic business growth. The company's goal is to continue its 10%-plus organic business growth by capitalizing on our outstanding service capabilities and the growing customer preferences for consolidating industrial services purchases with fewer, larger service companies, such as Team. Despite the substantial increase in the size of the company following the acquisition, the company believes there is still significant organic growth opportunity for Team. Team's composite market share is still less than 15% in this highly fragmented industry. Because of the continued inherent operating leverage in this business, Team expects its profit growth to continue to outpace revenue growth.

Certain forward-looking information contained herein is being provided in accordance with the provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act. Such information is subject to certain assumptions and beliefs based on current information known to the Company and is subject to factors that could result in actual results differing materially from those anticipated in the forward-looking statements contained herein. Such factors include domestic and international economic activity, interest rates, and market conditions for the Company's customers, regulatory changes and legal proceedings, and the Company's successful implementation of its internal operating plans. Accordingly, there can be no assurance that the forward-looking statements contained herein will occur or that objectives will be achieved.

The company believes the acquisition will also be accretive to earnings in the current fiscal year, but will defer any changes in the current year guidance until the near-term transition plans are fully developed. Team's earnings guidance for FY05 ending May 31, 2005 remains at $0.84 to $0.90 per share. Regarding Team's projected earnings for FY05, the company expects these earnings to be more heavily oriented to the company's second and fourth quarters than in previous years. First quarter results without the effect of the Cooperheat-MQS acquisition are likely to be below prior year results due primarily to reduced turnaround activity driven by extremely high refining margins. These turnaround schedule changes are a timing issue, not a demand reduction issue. Team remains confident in and comfortable with the full year outlook.

Because of the significant integration and transition activities and some uncertainty related to the current momentum of the Cooperheat-MQS business after operating under bankruptcy protection since December 31, 2003, Team's ability to precisely estimate near-term earnings is limited. "While somewhat counterintuitive, we are more confident in our performance estimates for next fiscal year 2006 ending May 31, 2006, when we expect to have completed all of the transition steps and addressed any temporary business losses as a result of the Cooperheat-MQS bankruptcy," said Phil Hawk. "For FY 2006, we expect total revenues to be approximately $215 million to $230 million with corresponding earnings per share (fully diluted basis) in the $1.25 to $1.40 per share range, representing an approximate doubling of earnings over two years versus actual FY04 earnings of $0.69 per share."

Team is a professional, full-service provider of specialty industrial services. Team's current industrial service offering encompasses on-stream leak repair, hot tapping, fugitive emissions monitoring, NDT inspection, field machining, technical bolting, field valve repair and field heat treating. All these services are required in maintaining high temperature, high pressure piping systems and vessels utilized extensively in the refining, petrochemical, power, pipeline and other heavy industries. Headquartered in Alvin, Texas, Team operates in over 40 customer service locations throughout the United States. Team also serves the international market through both its own international subsidiaries as well as through licensed arrangements in 14 countries. References in this news release to Team include its subsidiaries. Team's common stock is listed on the American Stock Exchange and trades under the ticker symbol "TMI".

The company has scheduled an earnings conference call to discuss the Cooperheat-MQS acquisition tomorrow, August 12th at 11 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (10 a.m. CDT). The call will be broadcast over the Web by Vcall and can be accessed on Team's Web site, Individuals wishing to participate in the conference call by phone can call 1-877-826-1586 and ask to join the "Team IR" call.

Cooperheat-MQS is a leading provider of non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection and field heat treating services throughout the U.S. and Canada with projected 2004 revenues expected to be approximately $80 million. With the addition of these assets, Team becomes one of the largest specialty industrial service companies in North America with annual revenues expected to be nearly $200 million. Team now is the largest provider of NDT inspection, field heat treating, on-stream leak repair, and fugitive emissions monitoring services along with significant positions in hot tapping, field machining, technical bolting, and field valve repair services.

ALVIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 11, 2004--Team Inc. (AMEX:TMI) today announced that it has completed its purchase of substantially all of the assets of Cooperheat-MQS Inc. and its parent company, International Industrial Services Inc. The purchase price was $35 million in cash plus the assumption of $1.7 million in letters of credit. The entire purchase price was financed through an expanded senior credit facility provided by Team's primary lender, Bank of America.

"The addition of the Cooperheat-MQS assets and related business is a very significant and exciting step forward for Team," said Phil Hawk, Team's chairman and CEO. "This acquisition extends the company's overall market leadership in specialty industrial services and provides an even stronger basis for continued organic business growth going forward. Financially, this opportunity is just as exciting. Once Team works through the usual integration issues associated with this type of acquisition, Team expects overall earnings potential of the company to double," said Hawk.

Team Inc., Alvin

Philip J. Hawk or Ted W. Owen, 281-331-6154

Why Does My Car Air Conditioner Smell

The first thing you can do is take your car to any auto repair shop that can help you get rid of the musky odor. There are also kits available at these shops which you can purchase to do the same. You can use pressurized foam cans that can be sprayed inside the evaporator core housing. It cleans the inside of the housing and the core completely. To use the foam cans, you'll have to drill a hole inside the housing. Once the foam has completed its job, it will dissolve and leak out of the hole you made.

The issue crops up when the fan is on and you can instantly notice that musty or mildew odor. It's definitely different from the new-car smell and can really leave you frustrated. And when you get that weird smell coming out of the vents, you can't really let it go unchecked. It is a sure shot evidence to something going wrong with the system. Often times, it is due to growth of fungus in your car's air conditioning system. The worst part is that when this smell spreads throughout the car's interior and gets absorbed in the seats and carpeting.

Reasons Behind Musty Smell from Car Air Conditioning

Since condensation is the main culprit here, you need to assure that it doesn't reoccur and the condensation is dried out. On the dashboard where your car's air conditioning controls are, you will find a button that allows "closed" or "open" circulation of the vents. Use the controls if your car has the button, and for those cars that don't have one, if you keep "maximum" air conditioning, the circulation will be closed and for "normal" air conditioning, the circulation will be open. And since our aim is to dry out the water condensation, let's take a look at fixing car air conditioning.

At least 45 minutes before you turn off the car's engine, keep the air conditioner's button at "open". This will provide a good ventilation to the entire car and system. After turning the car's engine off, you can leave the button on "open" mode. Again, this will leave the car ventilated throughout the night/day and won't form that musky smell again. In the morning, turn the system off before you start the engine. This way the air compressor won't activate itself while the car is turned on. Once you are ready to turn the air conditioner back on, let it stay at "open" mode as often and as much as possible while you drive. Trust me, if you follow these instructions, you won't have to worry about that smell ever again. Due to various contaminants like dust, smog, and smoke, we try to keep the car's air conditioning ventilation at "closed". Although that's a good thing, but never letting the outside air enter the system will make your car air conditioner smell. After following the steps mentioned above, if you are unable to get rid of the smell, you should take your car to an auto repair shop for a thorough inspection. Perhaps they can find another cause that's making the smell to return.

There's a simple reason is - water condensation. When the air conditioning system is on, water condensation develops and settles in the car's evaporator core housing. Your car's evaporator core housing is like an old refrigerator coil. The housing is surrounded with a black case and once water starts to drip from the evaporator due to condensation, it settles inside it. Water collects there and that's when a car air conditioner smells bad.

Remedies that Remove Musty Smell from Car Air Conditioning

For thoroughly getting rid of that smell, get your car to any professional auto technician. They use a sonic system which creates fog inside the car. The air conditioning system absorbs this fog which distributes itself all around the system and kills the bacteria. Along with the air conditioning system, even the carpeting and seats absorb this fog.

Preventing Musty Smell from Returning

'Living Paycheck to Paycheck Would Represent an Improvement'

The workers are risking their jobs and livelihood because they know their cause is just and they want a better life. Workers such as Tomecka Harris who, at eight months pregnant, picketed and went on strike in St. Louis on May 9 to advocate for a higher minimum wage. As a cashier at Captain D's, she cooks, cleans, and also has to eat at work because there's not enough food in her refrigerator at home.

Time has shown us that raising the minimum wage does not destroy businesses and paying a living wage is good for workers and the economy. That's why Pattie and other workers who participated in today's White House event are part of a united movement to raise awareness of just how tough it is to get by on $7.25 an hour.

Irasema Cavazos, 60, another member of the delegation is a home healthcare worker from San Antonio, Texas. After three years at her home healthcare agency, she earns $8.75 per hour.

About 15 million people in the nation earn the minimum wage. Their average age is 28. There are millions more Patties, Tomeckas, Erins, Edgars and Irasemas.

"We don't want handouts, we know there is dignity in work," Irasema said. "We want to be compensated for our work. We want to work, raise a family. Pay us a living wage."

The Boston-area movie theater worker who earns minimum wage said, "living paycheck to paycheck would represent an improvement in my life."

Erin Breen, 27, attended the White House event. She's a server at a Baltimore restaurant and earns $3.63 an hour plus tips. Erin is a single mother raising her son Finley. For her, an increase in the minimum wage would provide her with the income to be more self-sufficient, she said.

The crusade began last fall with Walmart workers striking over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and New York fast-food workers in November staging a one-day walkout. The fast-food and retail worker strikes have spread with more actions in Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, Seattle and St. Louis.

Pattie and about 20 other workers from across the country met with White House officials Tuesday in a special event to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The act, signed into law in 1938, established basic workplace protections such as the national minimum wage, a standard 44-hour workweek (now 40 hours), and overtime pay among other things. Congress passed the law as the nation was trying to rebound from the Great Depression to lift more workers out of poverty.

Today's 75th anniversary of the minimum wage doesn't call for celebration. It calls for policymakers to take a look at the intent of the law and consider how, in our ever-changing economy, we can live up to President Franklin D. Roosevelt's simple ideal that people who work ought to be able to make a living from that work.

Pattie Federico had to make an impossible choice last winter. Fix her aging furnace and stay warm, or put gas in and do routine maintenance on her nine-year-old car. She chose the car so she could keep her job, eventually scrape together enough to repair her furnace, and repeat the cycle again.

Edgar Acosta, who spoke at the White House, is a husband, father, student and valet attendant who earns slightly more than the minimum wage. An increase in the minimum wage, he said, would allow him to better care for his family, including pay for healthcare his wife and infant daughter need.

It's time to raise the minimum wage and to ensure all hardworking Americans are adequately and fairly compensated so no hardworking person has to choose between heating their home and having transportation to work.

The real value of the minimum wage in 2013 dollars reached its highest point in 1968. Because the wage doesn't keep pace with inflation and is at the discretion of policymakers, every time the issue of raising it comes up, business interests go into overdrive and lobby lawmakers to maintain the status quo.

Their argument is timeworn and pretty much identical to what it was in 1938 when corporations and their conservative backers in Congress claimed a wage floor would ruin their businesses.

As the gap between the rich and the rest of us grows, the bar for what constitutes a good life seems to be getting lower. It is inherently wrong that for Pattie and millions of other minimum-wage workers just being able to make ends meet would mean a better life. There was a time when hard work represented opportunity, not merely subsistence.

Your business. Your life.  

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